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Professional Sketch Drawing Kit

Have you someone in your family who is just starting out and learning how to sketch? Are they a bit more experienced and want a sketching set they can carry with them wherever they go? Have you a child who needs a good drawing set for biology or botany class?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this product is the answer to your prayers. Just think how happy the recipient of this gift will be when they un-wrap this wonderful gift. They will always be able to carry their sketching materials around with them in case there is something worth drawing.

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How easy will it be for your teen to take drawing materials on a field trip so he or she can draw diagrams of flowers or insects? Everything they need to produce lifelike sketches will be contained within the rolling pouch. The only other items they will need will be paper and the skill to use them.

This drawing kit is a reasonably priced set containing graphite pencils, charcoal sticks, smudge sticks and erasers, all fitted into a roll up pouch. Everything is stored safely inside the pouch with no chance of falling out, just right for slipping inside a rucksack or briefcase. In fact, this rolling pouch will hold everything you need to draw, except the sketchbook.


Everything the artist needs to produce a lifelike sketch wherever they are

This kit contains a really comprehensive collection of drawing tools

The rolling pouch holds everything securely so there is no chance of anything falling out


It would be better and safer to include a good quality sharpener for the pencils and a piece of sandpaper for the smudge sticks rather than a craft knife