Delguard by Zebra Mechanical Pencils

Modern innovation has touched every aspect of our everyday lives, including our pencils! These mechanical pencils from Zebra are the perfect addition to any desk or bookbag, perfect for students and working professionals alike who need a sturdy lead pencil to write with. With a sturdy design that prevents lead from snapping and an ergonomic design that helps prevent hand cramping, these are the perfect mechanical pencils that everyone should have on hand!

Specs: This set features 3 mechanical pencils that utilize 0.5 mm lead. Their Zebra Latest Lead Technology helps protect the pencil lead from force so that it is less likely to snap. There are three colors in this set- blue, white, and black. Each pencil has an eraser that is kept secure with a metal cap and is replaceable. The ergonomic design of the pencil makes for a more comfortable writing or drawing experience.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for a student who is going back to school. While pencils might not come to a student’s mind first, it’s something they probably use the most each and every day! Mechanical pencils are much easier to use and this set in particular will last someone for a very long time.

What we like: We like the technology that these pencils feature that helps prevent lead from snapping- that is the most frustrating thing to deal with when using a mechanical pencil, and this brand has done a great job of preventing that from happening. We also like that you can replace the eraser so that you really can continue to use these pencils for a very long time.

What we don’t like: The price is a bit high for a set of just three pencils – we wish there were a few more included in one pack.

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Unlikely to snap

3 colors in the set

Ergonomic design