Great Nudes Heat Changing Coffee Mug

Here is a funny idea for your friend or co-worker that is sure to make everyone around burst into laughter. After a tough and long year, we all can use good laughter to usher in the holidays and we can’t think of a better way to do it than with this heat changing mug.

And if you are looking for a quirky gift for someone with a great sense of humor, we believe this mug will be the highlight of their day.

At first glance, everyone might think this is just a regular coffee mug with images of fully clothed people. The humor and the surprise come in when you add in a hot beverage and the cup quickly reveals great art when everyone’s clothing disappears leaving you with a cup with nude humans.

Well, the idea behind this art is fantastic, borderline offensive (for some people) but definitely funny enough for a good laugh.

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Detailed information about Great Nudes Heat Changing Coffee Mug

This is a pretty interesting cup and it would make a great office prank for a co-worker. It would be a great gift to give to a boyfriend or a girlfriend for a good laugh whenever the two of you are having your favorite beverage.

But don’t be fooled by this funny concept that is behind this mug and think it’s not practical. You will be surprised to learn that this artistic cup does not sacrifice any functionality.

In fact, the recipient will have to make use of it by pouring in it any of their favorite beverage to discover the hidden work of art on the cup.

Remember, it's heat changing, so when you add hot beverage the art changes into a different one.


Hilarious coffee mug that changes when exposed to hot beverages

The images change to reveal great work of art

Functional and capacious

Microwave safe

It comes packaged in a colorful gift box


Not dishwasher safe