Speak Texan in 30 Minutes or Less – Paperback

Probably the best regional accent to choose for one of these phrase books is one where there is a distinctive twang to the accent and the residents of the area already have a reputation for certain idiosyncracies in dress, manner or way of speaking.

Well, we can tell you now that someone has already written such a phrase book. “Speak Texan in 30 Minutes or Less” written by Lou Hudson is a hilarious little paperback that at the time of writing cost way less than $10.

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In fact, the teaching method is so good that probably a Yankee could travel around the area without becoming completely confused by the distinctive Texan twang. In fact, there may even be hope for the Brother-in-Law from Pennsylvania and the cousin from Pittsburgh who will be able to go visiting in Texas without resorting to hand gestures and talking very loudly and slowly to make themselves understood.

This handy little book isn’t just about learning the correct pronunciation as you might have thought, it also provides many insights for the visiting Yankee foreigner into the thinking and mentality of the average Texan and makes you laugh along with them.


A fabulous little book, small enough to put in the back pocket of your Wranglers

Shows non-Texans how to speak Texas-like, and shows Texans how funny they really sound

Great stocking stuffer at Christmas