Funko Pop Animation: The Grinch Movie Figurine

One of the favorite times at Christmas and the holiday season is when the family sits down to watch the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. The mischievous green, revenge-seeking character always seems to be trying to ruin that wonderful time for the residents of the town.

This Funko Pop Animation is a multicolor Grinch collectible figure made from vinyl who can stand with all the other Grinch memorabilia on the display shelf.

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Detailed information about Funko Pop Animation: The Grinch Movie Figurine

This stylized collectible figure measures 3.75” tall and is the perfect size to add to all the other merchandise.

The manufacturer recommends that children under the age of three years should not be allowed to play with this toy as it could cause choking. Instead, they recommend that children from the age of six years would be of a suitable maturity.

The lovable yet unlovable green character comes packaged in a useful cardboard box with a window display so that if the gift recipient is a serious merchandise collector, they can keep him in the box while on display. In case you didn’t know, collectible toys with their original boxes are usually worth more than those that are unboxed.


This is a perky little Grinch figure that will delight any Dr. Seuss enthusiast

Made from vinyl, it will last for many years

Comes in a window display box for those recipients who are serious collectors