sad to Happy Face – Changing Funny Mug

This magical mug is an essential gift for the person who can’t even talk until they have had their first cup of coffee in the morning. We all know one of those…or perhaps even are one of those! But rest assured that there is no way someone could still be grumpy or sleepy after seeing what this magical mug can do.

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Detailed information about sad to Happy Face – Changing Funny Mug

This item holds 12 ounces of the hot beverage of choice; coffee, tea or maybe even hot cocoa. It is the heat from the beverage inside of the cup that changes the color and face on the mug from a sleepy face to one that is smiling and wide awake.

If the color changes back to black or the face goes back to sleep, then it is either time for a fresh cup or time to head out the office energized and ready for a great day.


Unique mug changes from sleeping face to wide awake happy face with temperature change

This product holds 12 ounces of a favorite beverage

Comes nicely boxed and ready to wrap and gift