Bullseye Office Classic Blue Magnetic World Globe

A world globe isn’t just on a flat piece of paper like a map, a globe actually allows the viewer to see the world in three dimensions and is far more interesting. A world globe will sit on a display shelf or on a desk either at home or in the office and is a not only an informative item but is actually is also a piece of artistic décor.

The Classic Blue Magnetic World Globe from Bullseye Office is almost unique in being made from metal with a paper world map overlaid.

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Detailed information about Bullseye Office Classic Blue Magnetic World Globe

The globe is 10” In diameter and the stand lifts the globe 3” from the table surface. The map is handmade and is designed to look vintage. Bear in mind that the data marked on the surface of the map is indicative only and is not meant to be accurate.

It is the ideal way to show friends, kids or a spouse where you have visited in the world. It will certainly add style to your office or living room and is educational for the kids as well. You can plan your next vacation and everyone can include their ideas with the different colored magnetic pins.


Made from metal and covered in a paper world map

Comes with various colors of magnetic map pins

Has a lovely stainless steel stand