Welcome to the Club: 100 Parenting Milestones You Never Saw Coming

People talk about parenthood a lot. In fact, there are a million books, videos, and magazines about parenthood. But surprisingly enough there is a side of parenthood that is never told, and quite often, it comes as a shocker to new parents.

Becoming a new parent is a good thing, but it also comes with challenges and milestones that most new parents are not prepared for. They say information is power, and therefore, if you are planning to gift a new mother with a congratulations gift, it would mean so much if you give something that will show her the real parenting stuff.

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Detailed information about Welcome to the Club: 100 Parenting Milestones You Never Saw Coming

The book Parenting Milestones by this comedian who is famously known for the popular blog funny The Ugly Volvo is the real deal and probably the greatest book you can ever give to a new expecting mom. The author Raquel D’Apice, a popularly known humor writer and the founder of the blog popularly known as a The Volvo Ugly has gone out of her to come with up this refreshingly hilarious spin on parenting milestones that apparently no one talks about them. Instead, the normal baby talks talk about the blissful first baby step or the videos of adorable baby talk. This book shows parents the nitty-gritty of everyday parenting experiences.

The author incorporates humor as she captures real situations with realistic milestones such the first time the baby practically rolls off a sofa and bangs his head on the floor leaving the parents terror-stricken.


The author is a famous humor writer, the founder of the comical blog The Ugly Volvo
The book is available in hardcover