Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA Board Book

Every father wants their baby’s first word to be Dada and they will try their hardest to make it happen. Many new parents try everything in their power to win the race to see which word the new baby will say first: Mama or Dada? The secret to the question of which word will baby say first is almost always repetition, constant repetition and the best way to repeat words is to have a favourite bedtime story book.

Children love being read to. It isn’t just hearing the words that they love; it is also the closeness with the parent when cuddling up on their lap, the interaction with the parent during the story, and for some kids it is the only time when the parent sits down and actually speaks to them on their level. So if you want to influence the future vocabulary of your children sit and read to them from a book that they can join in with on their level.

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Detailed information about Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA Board Book

This book will go a long way to helping baby say “Dada” as their first word. It is a simple board book written by the host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon. His brilliant sense of humour is present on every page with the simple words, amusing illustrations and varied animal noises.


This book is a lovely cardboard book suitable for the extremely young ones

The book contains a simple story with repetitious words and beautifully colourful illustrations

Little children love to mimic animal noises and this clever little book gives them the opportunity to do just that as well as listening to Mama or Dada speak