Marshmallow Kids ‘Bow and Arrow’ Shooter

Are you looking for a great gift to give your child that is not only fun but also something to get them out of the house? Nowadays, kids are surrounded by technology which makes it so hard to get them to play outside and get some fresh air. We here at That Sweet Gift have found something that will do just that. Not only is this super fun and easy, but it can also be suitable for many ages including adults! We now present to you the Marshmallow ‘Bow and Arrow’! It takes the popular sport we know and love, and brings it to a whole other level!

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Detailed information about Marshmallow Kids ‘Bow and Arrow’ Shooter

Archery is fun but, when you add marshmallows to the mix, it makes it 10x more fun! What kid would not want to shoot marshmallows?! This marshmallow ‘bow n’ arrow’ is capable of shooting the marshmallows up to 30 feet! The bow comes in 1 color only, which is Red and Blue. This product is safe for your children as it cannot cause physical harm since they are just shooting marshmallows.