Baby Shusher for Babies – Sleep Miracle Soother Sound Machine

This OHbaby Award-winning soother from Baby Shusher is exactlythe gift that every new parent needs. Finally, there is a way to calm down a crying newborn with only a flip of a switch.

This little shusher will make a big impact on every new parent’s life as well as their sleep patterns.

The portable device plays the rhythmic sounds of moms heartbeat and the rushing sounds of blood flow that the baby heard in utero for the past nine months, and what could be more calming than that.

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Detailed information about Baby Shusher for Babies – Sleep Miracle Soother Sound Machine

The little one calmly slips off to sleep feeling safe and secure.

The idea is so simple that it is a wonder that no one has thought of it before, but the Sleep Miracle Soother Sound Machine is here now and babies and parents everywhere can rejoice. A good nights’ sleep is just around the corner!

This compact unit measures only 5 inches tall and is roughly 2.3 inches wide.

The convenient small size allows this product to travel with the baby wherever he or she may go; the grocery store, to grandma and grandpa’s house, running errands around town, wherever that calming influence is needed the baby soother will be there.


The calming sound is the same “shushing” that the infant heard in its mother’s womb for 9 months

The unit runs continuously for a timed 15 minute or 30-minute session

The small size is convenient and portable so baby can be calmed anywhere