Hatchimal Toy: Perfect for Kids Age 6 & Up!

Have you ever wanted to give your child a pet, but feared they are not ready to handle the responsibilities yet? Or have they asked for a pet themselves? Pets are tons of work, and especially if your 6 your old asks for a pet you know full well they are not ready yet. Then again, having a pet could teach them to be more responsible. Next birthday, or even next Christmas, why don’t you meet them in the middle and buy your child something that is a pet, but not a real pet? We here at That Sweet Gift have just the solution for you! We now introduce to you the Hatchimals Penguala!


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Detailed information about Hatchimal Toy: Perfect for Kids Age 6 & Up!

Hatchimals are really special toys. In fact, I guess you could say that they are smart. They bring companionship and friendship to a whole new level! Hatchimals are robot-like creatures that look real, act real, and even hatch like real animals! The only thing they don’t do is make the messes and have the big responsibilities as a real animal would have. Each Hatchimal is unique and you won’t know what they look like until they hatch! They do give you a hint of what they could look like as this particular one could be teal or pink! To get them to hatch, which could take up to anywhere from 10 min-40 min, you have to play with the egg!

The more your child plays with the egg, the faster the egg hatches! Once you see the rainbow eyes light on your egg, you know it is time to hatch. In all, there are 3 different stages of a Hatchimal’s life. They go from baby to toddler, and then lastly kid. Each time as they age, they will sing ‘Hatchy Birthday!’ Once they hatch, your child’s job is to then care for it like any other pet. They will need to teach it to walk, dance, play games and much more. They can even talk back if you decide to teach them to talk! In the box, there us a Hatchimal, an instruction booklet, a reference guide, and 2 batteries.