Go the F-k to Sleep

Every parent has at least one night when the kids are small and they won’t go to sleep. It may be because they are feeling unwell or maybe teething or maybe just being cantankerous. This book isn’t for those nights when the poor little dear is feeling ill, because then, all they want is a bit of love and cuddles. This book is for the nights when the child is just too fidgety, a night when as my grandmother used to say about me “He has Old Nick in him”. A translation these days would probably equate to “He is an awkward little devil”.

Anyway this clever little book ‘Go the F-K to Sleep’ written by Adam Mansbach is a breath of fresh air for all the poor parents whose child just will not go to sleep.  The written book is available as a Kindle book, Hardcover or a paperback. If you like to listen to audiobooks then you can hear the famous actor Samuel L Jackson narrate the story.

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Detailed information about Go the F-k to Sleep

This is a story about the hilarious and often earthy language vented by the father of a small child trying to get them to sleep. This is a bedtime story with a difference. There are no cuddly bunnies or cute kittens in this work of art. This is really meant for the adult or to be read to the child before they reach the age of learning to talk. The last thing you want is to be standing at the checkout in the supermarket and your little two year old comes out with some words that you wouldn’t like to be said in front of your grandmother.

This book is about the oh so familiar problems encountered when putting the little one down to sleep. In the process of writing this book the author makes the reader think about parenting in general, getting us to admit our deepest frustrations, reminds us that we need some sleep to get to work tomorrow and best of all gets us to laugh at the absurdity of the whole situation. This is a bedtime story for parents who live in the world of here and now, where a few minutes of story time will not get their child to sleep.


Delightfully earthy and explicit language scattered throughout this wonderful little bedtime book

Available in various formats: Kindle; paperback; hardback and audiobook

Rings a familiar bell to all the seasoned parents who wonder why new parents bother having children