Fly-love® 5pairs Animal Non-Skid Slip Toddler Socks

Fly-love has created a really special and high-quality gift with these cute little baby socks. There are many different things that really set these particular socks apart from other baby socks. The biggest thing is that they are designed to fit babies from birth all the way to 18 months. The way that they are able to make socks that fit such a wide range is with their awesome, high-quality elastic. These socks are made in a way that they are incredibly stretchy while remaining very soft and comfortable. They can fit the tiny feet of a baby, but they also easily stretch to comfortably fit the feet of a young toddler as well.

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Detailed information about Fly-love® 5pairs Animal Non-Skid Slip Toddler Socks

These socks are super cute with different fun designs. They come in a set of 5 different pairs and each one has a different design on it. Some of the designs include parts of the alphabet, animals, and cars for added cuteness. Another great feature of these baby socks is that the bottom has a non-slip grip on it. This is a must-have safety feature for babies that are learning to walk. Also, it will prevent them from slipping on the floor when they are learning to balance, walk, or later - even run.