Daily Wisdom for the Mommy-to-Be: Everyday Encouragement during Your Pregnancy 

This book, Daily Wisdom for the Mommy-to-Be by Stacey Thureen is an excellent read for a mom-to-be. It encourages her during her pregnancy and gives her hope and courage to push on and look forward to the delivery of her new bundle of joy.

It is a perfectly-lengthy book ideal for a spiritually minded mom to be. It’s encouraging, written with words full wisdom to see her through her pregnancy. Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally revolving journey and each day, and every new week brings with it a whole new experience. A combination of joy and mounting apprehension particularly for a first-time mother. It can be a confusing moment, and most women experience a plethora of emotions.

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Detailed information about Daily Wisdom for the Mommy-to-Be: Everyday Encouragement during Your Pregnancy 

At this point, for a mom to be, everything can be about the baby, and it's quite easy to forget herself in the process. This book seeks to provide encouragement and help celebrate this new creation developing inside her which is a God's miracle.

The author goes ahead to give the reader an overview of what's happening to her baby at the beginning of each week and explains the stages and what is expected of her as a mommy to be. Each devotion listed in the book is paired with a bible verse that relates to the topic along with a prayer to help the mom focus on her growing baby and her relationship with God.


It’s a great spiritual investment for an expecting mom

A great source of encouragement and wisdom for mom to be

Well written with daily scriptures and weekly devotion from the bible