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Family Photo Family Baby Hand Footprints Kit

Every new parent feels a need to record a memorable moment with their baby. Usually, this happens in the form of a baby photo but a lot of parents would like to go one step further and record an impression of the baby’s feet or hands by using paint or plaster. One of the main problems with making handprints is finding a paint that is completely non-toxic and is easy to wash off the infant’s skin.

That is where this wonderful kit from NWK stands out, way above all the other types of baby memento kits. This is a complete kit that comes with everything the new parent needs to make a great special moment, everything that is, except for a photo and the baby!

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Detailed information about Family Photo Family Baby Hand Footprints Kit

The outside of the frame measures 9.8” x 17.3”. The inside of the frame measures 7.7” x 15.2” and the photo cut-out measures 6” x 4”. Three colors of paint are supplied so that if necessary, three children can make their imprints, or maybe one child at three different ages, adding to the mat as the child gets older.


This Kit provides everything to make a superb Baby gift except the photo and the baby

Good quality whitewood frame, glass front, and strong white mats mean that this gift will last for years

The three colors of paint are completely non-toxic, easily washed from the skin and will do no harm to the baby