Pink Stork Uplift: Postpartum Mood Tea

Being a new mother can be quite challenging and overly overwhelming. First, the body is going through hormonal changes trying to adjust to postpartum conditions. The new mother is sore, sleep deprived and probably exhausted dealing with a colicky or just a fussy newborn. In short, nothing really prepares a new mother to the challenges of motherhood and the postpartum period can be quite tough. Basically, it’s a wild moment for new mother, filled with uncertainties, self-doubt, anxiety, sore boobs, tears and finally lots and lots of sleepless nights.

Thus, it would be such a welcome gesture if you appreciated a new mom with something meaningful to help her go through the postpartum period peacefully. This amazing postpartum mood tea by Pink Stork could be the best thing to give to a new mother._

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Detailed information about Pink Stork Uplift: Postpartum Mood Tea

The Pink Stork mood tea which is extracted from organic, USDA, non-GMO herbs is specially formulated to naturally balance a new mother's hormones and gently uplift her spirits. The mood tea contains a blend of chamomile, Motherwort and Lemon Verbena which helps relax the body and the mind to enable the new mother to take every moment peacefully as it comes.

The postpartum period can be challenging for a new mom. The hormones plus the stress of adjusting to the newborn routine can bring a mother down and leave her fatigued and demoralized. This pink stork tea, made of naturally occurring herbs will not only relax her body, but it will also help decrease tension, anxiety, and stress.


Made with a blend of organic, Non-GMO and USDA herbs