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Bearington Baby Touchdown New-born Boys Football Socks

Every daddy wants their little one to take after him, and every mummy wants their baby boy to take after daddy. So how cute can you get when baby is given this pair of football-themed sock to keep his toes warm and snuggly.

These football themed “Touchdown” socks from the Bearington Collection are made from 100% stretchable cotton fabric and are suitable for babies aged from six to twelve months, although they probably would also fit a new-born if you didn’t mind them being a bit loose.

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Detailed information about Bearington Baby Touchdown New-born Boys Football Socks

The socks are patterned to look like a pair of football boots and will add that finishing touch to the rest of his little football outfit. In his carrier or in the stroller or even at home he can wear his football kit and watch the game live or on television just like daddy.

These perfect little sock booties are perfect for baby showers. They are a wonderful gift from anyone in the family: Mummy; daddy; aunts; uncles; godparents or grandparents. All would love to buy these and give them to the newest member of the family to show what sport his family follows.


The cute little baby socks are perfect to finish off the rest of your baby boy’s football themed outfit
They are made from good quality 100% cotton stretchable fabric so they will move with his toes and allow his feet to grow normally
The award winning Bearington Collection is renowned for supplying good quality and attractive gifts and accessories for baby.
These are just right for baby to follow on in daddy’s footsteps.