Baby White Noise Sound Machine for Sleeping

If you have had to put a baby down to sleep, you understand how challenging it can get at times. One might have to spend hours trying to get the baby down only for them to sleep for a few hours. Luckily, the technology has brought about ways to help the baby fall asleep better and possibly sleep through the night.

White noise machines have been in existence for a while now and have proved to work for most people. For babies though, the sounds are pretty different and have to conform to specific noise standards. This Parlemo white noise machine is designed primarily for kids. It can be a gift for a new mum or dad as a baby shower gift.

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Detailed information about Baby White Noise Sound Machine for Sleeping

The machine comes with ten soothing tracks for one to choose their preferred one. The sound is clear and does not have looping sounds that could be distracting for sleep. Some of the sounds include rain, birds, ocean, white noise and brown noise. One only needs to twist the knob to switch from one track to the other.

The machine is portable so you can ensure the baby has no distractions away from home. It runs both on outlet power and battery power. Where power is accessible, one needs to plug it into work efficiently. When away from home and cannot access power, 4 AA batteries will work just as fine.