LEGO 6212644 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Completing an entire Lego can be quite satisfying and rewarding for the kids (and adults too). Imagine how much fun it would be for a Harry Potter fan if that Lego set was all about the magical adventures, the exciting scenes and the world of the wizardry of the Harry Potter Saga. You guessed right! The experience will be thrilling, exciting and rewarding too.

If you have been searching for the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan in your life, or a new adventure for your kids, then look no further. The Harry Potter Great Wall Lego set is must have for a fan. This set would make an excellent gift for the kids and adults alike. If you have grown up watching and reading about Harry Potter, his friends, and their magical adventures, then imagine how much fun anyone will have building the Great Hall of Hogwarts!

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Detailed information about LEGO 6212644 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

The set would be a fun collectible for Harry Potter fans and kids will have a great time recreating the fantasy realm. Anyone who loves to build themed sets especially the magical ones will have a field with this particular one. The kit comes with all parts necessary to build an entire castle including the grand staircase tower, mirror of the Erised, reversible house banners, potions room, sorting hat, among other parts of the Great Hall.


Learning and an interactive fun activity for the kids

The Lego kit is well-detailed

Comes with detailed step-by-step instructions


The packaging is not appealing