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Prism Zenith 5

If you had a kite during the 1980s it was probably a ‘stunt kite’ with two independent steering cords. Whatever you had, we expect you never had anything like the modern kites of today.

There have been improvements in the aerodynamic design, special lightweight materials for frames and strong tearproof fabrics for the covering. Flying a kite is still fun in today’s world and probably more fun than it was all those years ago.

The Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite from Prism Kite Technology is part of a new breed of recreational kites.

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Detailed information about Prism Zenith 5

It is shaped like a classic high flying Delta wing but has a new and improved sleek modern look about it.

The Delta Wing has a full 60” wingspan when assembled that reduces down to just 21” if you need to travel.

The Zenith 5 comes in three different color schemes entitled Aurora; Infrared and Ultraviolet. It doesn’t matter which one you buy, they all look equally attractive and can all be easily seen when hoovering just like a drone would be.

The really great thing about this amazing kite is that when assembling or dismantling the frame, all the pieces are connected by the bungee cord so that nothing can be dropped and lost in the long grass.


Fantastic modern design Delta Wing kite

Frame assembles easily

Attract the new generation to the joys of kite flying