4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Here is a great way to get young people excited about geology and science. This crystal growing kit demonstrates how crystals are formed and does so in a way that is engrossing and fun, and at the end of the experiment, there are beautiful and colorful crystals for your student to display and admire.

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Detailed information about 4M Crystal Growing Experiment

By altering the combinations of the crystal seeds, the end results will be different types and colors of the crystal formations. Imagine the fun and learning that will ensue.

This kit comes complete with detailed instructions, crystal compounds, stirrers, and seven clear domes for displaying the end results of the experiment. Literally, all that you need to add is boiling water. Also included is a fact sheet explaining the science behind nature’s production of crystals.

Having first-hand experience in the process of the formation of these crystals will bring out your child's natural curiosity and help them take more of an interest in the world around them and how it works.


This kit comes with complete instructions on how to grow beautiful crystals

Additionally, there are seven clear domes to display the crystals after they are grown

Includes educational fact sheet about how crystals form