Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Most people have probably seen or heard about the loveable droids from the Star Wars movies. Chances are, someone may even be in love with them as characters. Of course, one of the most famous droids is R2-D2. Any Star Wars fan would love to own an R2-D2 for themselves. Products such as this one, used to be controlled by a phone, via a wristband or even standard RC ones. However, now anyone can make their own R2 simply by building it! This was made possible by the Star Wars Droid Inventor kit.

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Detailed information about Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

The gift is for kids of ages 10 and up, including adults of course. The product would make a perfect Christmas gift for the holiday season. If the children love Star Wars, or maybe know a person who is a Star Wars geek - this is probably the right gift to get for them. Children would have fun building, programming and playing with their very own R2-D2! Even adults would love playing with it. What makes this very cool toy is that once it is built - it can be taken apart and re-built in any way the person desires. Engineering and imagination have no limits with this product. Another cool thing is that this product is authentically made and cannot be replaced by other toys.