4M Tin Can Robot

Kids generally love gifts. However, when it comes to 12 years and thereabout, you have to be careful with the kind of gift you get for them. At this stage, they want something super cool that they can proudly brag to their peers and leave them with envy. While their wishes are realistic and cool, remember they are also at a learning stage. So how about you strike a balance by getting them a gift that will also engage them?

Lucky for you, we have a gift that perfectly fits the above description. The 4M Tin Can Robot is exactly the kind of gift you are looking for the 12-year-old in your life. Instead of getting them a robot, why not challenge them into building one for themselves? It will certainly be a fun activity. This will be a cool toy, that will challenge their creativity, imagination and inspire them to complete the set-up.

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Detailed information about 4M Tin Can Robot

This robot kit is absolutely fun to assemble and rewarding. It will not only challenge their imagination, but it will also keep them engaged and amazingly have fun while at it. If the young one has a geek and nerd personality, or they are into scientific stuff, this fun robot will become a favorite collection for them.

The tin can robot teaches the young ones the value and principles of recycling by reassembling used cans into a functional and entertaining robot. The kids don't need special tools and knowledge to assemble the tin can robot. The kit comes with all necessary parts and easy-to-understand instructions. All they will need is a soda can, and the rest will be fun as they assemble the robot into a motorized monster robot can tin.


A fun and learning activity for the kids

The final product will be a fun motorized bog-eyed robot that can move, walk, and wobble

Comes with all the necessary parts and instructions on how to build the tin can robot