HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System

The HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System is a top notch, room-scale VR that will be the center of attention at your home or any party. This is a great gift for the techie adult in your life. Even an older high school or college student could really appreciate it. Don’t forget about older adults too! Sometimes they are bigger tech nerds than the young people. Either way, when thinking about this gift for mom or dad, or your son or daughter, you definitely cannot go wrong. With the room-scale VR, you can move around with it and physically move through virtual space.

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Detailed information about HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System

The headset is adjustable in multiple ways so it can be personally fitted for whoever is using it at the time while also maximizing comfort and user experience. The headset has eye relief adjustments which help with distance and clarity so the maximum visibility is always available. With hundreds of games available on the SteamVR and amazing SteamVR tracking, you can play in almost any setting. And, everyone can enjoy it, whether they are sitting, standing, or have the space to utilize the room-scale VR.