Clocky, The Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels

You probably have those days you face it rough getting out of bed. With snoozes and switching off the alarm, you end up not spending your day as planned. Lazing in bed when you should be up drags the day and possibly leaves you not productive as expected.

It is normal, and many people go through that day in day out. When you realize it is a significant problem, the best way is to get an alarm clock that insists you should be up every morning. This Runaway one from Clocky is a suitable option, and you can get this for a friend that has a problem waking up on time.

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Detailed information about Clocky, The Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels

The alarm clock works by producing a beeping robotic sound as it runs on wood or carpet. It is designed to last long and can jump up to 3 feet high. That means it can roll down from your bedside table and keep rolling on the floor. Just like any other alarm clock, you have the option to snooze or turn it off.

If you do not want it rolling all over, you can turn off the wheels and use as a conventional alarm. As the clock runs, it produces a flashing backlight indicator which blinks on and off in the color setting. The alarm clock uses four pieces of AAA lithium batteries that you can get in stores.