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Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter’s Companion

This book, Pirateology by Captain William Lubber, covers a fascinating story about an early eighteenth-century pirate hunter. This will be an instant hit to kids, teens and even adults will find it captivating, particularly pirate lovers.

When we say that this book will be an instant hit the kids we mean it. It’s tailored to spark the reading interest of the young ones, and keep them reading till the end which is a rare thing when it comes to these little ones.

The story itself will raise the reader’s curiosity, but what will attract the kid’s to this book it’s the special treasures included in Pirateology. It has a stunning cover that bears a working compass with glittering gems all over.

And as they read through, they will come across a map with a missing piece which the reader has to find.

The book also includes other maps, multiple flaps, booklets, charts, codes and clues that the reader has to go through to find the missing treasure.

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Detailed information about Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter’s Companion

As if that's not enough to keep someone going from one page to another, this book is visually striking with intricate drawings of various ships' interior, a pocket of sundial, a packet of gold dust and a collection in pirate's letters, an envelope with pieces of 8 and of course a jewel which comes as the final reward.

The book follows a mesmerizing tale of William Lubber on his chase for a ship belonging to a vicious female pirate, Arabella Drummond around the world.


A visually striking book with an enchanting story and treasures to be found

Fully detailed with maps, sailing ships, tantalizing islands, pirate's flags, and their weapons and so on

Available in hardcover format