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Lunarable Boys Room Duvet Cover Set – Basketball Theme

If your kid is a sports fan then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some posters of his or her sports hero and fix them onto the wall, but what about the bedding?

Themed bedding generally seems to be limited to items of interest to the little ones, without any regard for the older child (or an adult, but we’ll talk about those later). What child would not want to snuggle up in their bed surrounded by a basketball court duvet cover and pillowcase set?

This set from Lunarable is just what any boy (or girl) would want. It is a two-piece bedding set consisting of a duvet cover and pillowcase decorated with an image of a basketball court, backboard, and basketball.

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Detailed information about Lunarable Boys Room Duvet Cover Set – Basketball Theme

The item is suitable for a standard sized single bed and measures 68” x 88” with a pillowcase measuring 30” x 20”.

If by any chance you have a kid who prefers another image on their bedclothes, there are a total of 39 different themes to choose from to suit boys and girls and almost all kinds of interests.

This is a superb item to buy anyone in the family. If the kids have interests (and they don’t have to be sport orientated) then look through the array of images to choose one suitable for your child. Boys or girls will love at least one of these themes. When it comes to the adults of the house, the same thing goes.

Now we come to the adult's section mentioned earlier. Most adults sleep in beds somewhat wider than a standard single and all these themed images are available in sizes suitable for a Queen sized bed and a King sized bed (along with two pillowcases rather than one).

And these larger beds have a few more themes too, making a total of 44 for the larger sizes.


100% brushed microfiber for a warm and comfortable bed experience

Bright and vivid colors to illustrate the theme of the room

39 different illustrations available for a single bed and 44 for Queen and King sized beds