WowWee Lumi Gaming Quadcopter Remote Control

There is a very good chance a nephew, grandson or any other kid in the family has asked for a WowWee Lumi Gaming Quadcopter, although they might get a little tongue-twisted saying it. However, if they are asking for the coolest drone toy on the planet then at least the buyer needs to know what they are referring to. This is a great toy for adults as well, especially for those who are young at heart. The WowWee Quadcopter is a pint-sized drone that is fun, safe and easy to fly. Kids can fly it and play games, create aerial maneuvers and do stunts with it – all in the comfort of the playroom. If taken outside – that is where the real fun starts. This drone features several game modes and loads of dance moves. Yes, that is right – it is a drone with dance moves.

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Detailed information about WowWee Lumi Gaming Quadcopter Remote Control

The drone can travel up to 4 meters away from the beacon and includes a trick mode for rolls, flips, and figure of eight with the tap of a control. It can be controlled to create a choreography routined and music can be added too.  The Lumi does not just fly but it dances around using a beat detection technology. Still not impressed? Try out the Lumi to the Beat game while the drone is in the air. If a wrong button is pressed the WowWee drone slowly descends and when it touches the ground -  the game is over. Competing with another Lumi is always an option too!