Puzzle Pod Cryptex Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

Are you planning on giving a special gift for a birthday or Christmas this year? Are you running out of ideas on how to make the special gift a bit more interesting? Do you want the recipient to use their brain to get their gift? If the answer to any of these questions is a “Yes” then have you ever thought of locking the gift inside a Puzzle Pod?

The coin bank from 4Thoughts Products is just the thing to make giving birthday and Christmas gifts a bit more interesting than usual. It is a glass bottle safe with a five letter combination lock that will only unlock when the recipient has discovered the code word. The idea is to decide on the five letter code word that you want to use as the combination.

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Detailed information about Puzzle Pod Cryptex Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

You can create a treasure hunt challenge if you are feeling particularly cruel and make the recipient of the gift go through all manner of questions and answer clues before finally finishing up with the code word. If you have seen the movie or read the book of the Da Vinci Code then you will know what kind of fun this type of cryptex can be. One thing we must stress however is to remember what code word the cryptex has been set to or otherwise the gift inside will be lost unless someone wants to smash the glass.

This Cryptex Puzzle Pod can be used time and time again just by resetting the code word combination so it can be re-gifted if required. If the recipient of this gift decides they want to keep it however there is a slot in the base just big enough to slide a coin through. This will allow someone to use it as a moneybox if they want to rather than a cryptex.


This is a ‘gift wrap’ with a difference; set up a code word and lay some clues to solve the puzzle.

Glass bottle safe is 2.8” x 8” so gift must be able to fit inside this

Can be used as a money box