YoYa Toys Handheld Water Game

If you or a family member find themselves stuck in a waiting room somewhere, either at the airport, train station or hospital; If someone is on a long tedious bus ride or if you find you need to take a break from work or studying, then these little handheld water toys will be ideal to give a few minutes relaxation or entertainment.

The set of two Handheld Water Toys from YoYa Toys is the perfect way to keep someone entertained for hours. The games are fun, very compact and will make the user addicted to the button pressing. These toys were originally very popular in the 1990s but tended to be a lot larger and not so easily carried around. When you were younger did you or your kids have the Fish Ring Toss Game or the Basketball Game?

If so, then you will be aware of how much fun they were to play. Now you can have both as this set brings the user two of the all-time favorite water games to be played whenever and wherever you wish.

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Detailed information about YoYa Toys Handheld Water Game

Both games are no bigger than a hand (in fact 2.5” x 3.25” to be precise) so can be easily slipped inside a pocket or in the side pouch of a rucksack and brought out whenever the owner has a few minutes to spare or when they need to have a break from studying or housework. Take it to work and play it during break time. These completely harmless and prescription free games are just what people need to relieve themselves of dangerous stress.


The types of games you played in the 1990s, and now you can teach your own kids how to play

Small enough to carry around inside a pocket or a bag

Encourages motor skills and relieves stress and tension