“Level Complete” Gamer Bowl

Have you a person in your family who is an addicted gamer? Perhaps it is a son or daughter? How about a boyfriend or husband? Whoever it is, I’ll bet you have a really difficult job to get them to the table to eat a proper meal, don’t you? Don’t worry, we all know how gamers find it hard to drag themselves away from the screen and getting them to eat is even harder.

Maybe this is the answer to the problem. The “Level Complete” Gamer Bowl from KOVOT might just be the persuasion you need. After all, what gamer can resist a food bowl, shaped and painted to look like a hand controller? With this useful little bowl, you can wean gamers off sandwiches and finger food and get them eating relatively normal food like soup, cereal, pasta and noodles or even casserole.

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Detailed information about “Level Complete” Gamer Bowl

The KOVOT bowl is made from ceramic pottery just like regular plates, cups and cereal bowls, but looks just like a video game controller and holds up to 22 fl oz of liquid. To make it even more of a laugh, there are the words “Level Complete” printed inside the bowl to remind the gamer that he or she has finished their food and can now return to their screen. Now, all we have to do is try to get them to use a knife and fork!

This fun and useful gamer bowl would be really useful as a Christmas gift, birthdays and graduation. It would also be a good thing to buy when the gamer goes out and purchases the latest top-selling video game.


This is a great fun gift for video gamers everywhere

Made from handpainted ceramic ware

Holds a full 22 fl.oz