Sphero BOLT App-Enabled Robot

Have a kid who is into all things robots and probably has a growing collection of robot kits? Here is an amazing chance to impress the young one on their birthday or Christmas.

The Sphero BOLT App-enabled robot will certainly be a wonderful gift, and it will provide hours of fun as they learn and also offer endless opportunities to be creative.

The Sphere Bolt is well-designed and eye-catching. With programmable 8×8 LED light matrix lights, the BOLT offers an endless array of gaming and coding capabilities.

It provides the user with plenty of tools to express their creativity while experiencing the power of programming and lots of limitless potential.

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Detailed information about Sphero BOLT App-Enabled Robot

The Sphero Bolt is an advanced app-enabled robotic ball which can be driven and coded to provide lots of opportunities to learn, be creative and at the same time have an entertaining time.

Through the matrix lights, the BOLT can display real-time data and animate. You can code the BOLT by drawing or using Scratch blocks or writing JavaScript.

This is an advanced version of BOLT, yet it still remains approachable. It allows one to learn, program, complete hands-on- activities and share their wonderful creations with the community.

It provides more than two hours of fun and continuous play which will keep the young ones busy and occupied while indoors.


Advanced BOLT App–enabled robot

It has programmable sensors

Can communicate with other bolts

Bluetooth connection

Offers 2+hours of playtime

Compatible with Kindle, Mac, iOS, Android and windows through the App

It's durable and waterproof

LED matrix lights