The Silver Age of DC Comics by Paul Levitz

Superhero comics and comic strips were given a boost in the early 1950s when DC comics started a culture that would make superhero adventures a central feature of popular culture right up to the present day.

Typical DC characters became household names first in comic books and then in television shows and movies. The likes of Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, The Flash, and Green Lantern to name only a few became popular youth icons when the comics started to blend the existing superheroes into science fiction.

But, how many of the readers of those iconic DC comics actually know the behind-the-scenes stories of the artists, writers, and publishers who created these memorable characters?

There seem to be many superhero movies and television shows available to a couple of new generations who probably have never been in a situation where the only access to that type of literature is through comic books.

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These people don’t realize the problems encountered by comic book publishers and storytellers who for many years were often on the brink of financial ruin.

Superhero comics used to be only the entertainment of young boys. It wasn’t until the 1960s when the television show Batman brought the Dark Knight to a different and more mature audience.

This hardcover book was written by Paul Levitz who was one of the writers and publishers of early mass circulation fanzines specializing in comic news. This is quite a special gift for any geek in your life.


A superb history of behind-the-scenes stories of DC Comics

All about the history of Superman, Batman and the rest

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