Bacon Gumballs -22 Pieces

Have you or anyone you know skipped breakfast unintentionally because you were late for the bus or train? Do you or that person enjoy chewing gum? Now the two activities can be combined into one!

The “Bacon Gumballs” Novelty Stocking Stuffer from Accutrements will allow the user to miss their bacon sandwich, bacon roll or eggs and bacon without missing out on the lingering aftertaste that is always present with such breakfasts. Disgusting right? And a great gag gift!

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Detailed information about Bacon Gumballs -22 Pieces

These twenty-two pieces of bacon flavored gum are a bacon lover’s dream, or not as the case may be! The gift is certainly unique and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but don’t get too excited about it.

According to the vast majority of customer reviews, the predominant flavor after a minute or so is that of stale meat with an aftertaste that is all but impossible to remove from the mouth, even after brushing the teeth.

You could buy this as a stocking stuffer for the good friend who loves bacon and cannot get enough of it. How about giving it to your son who adores practical jokes. Even though we say that this is good as a stocking stuffer, it could also be a great gift to give someone on their birthday or some other occasion.


This product is a good gag gift

There are 22 pieces of bacon flavored gum included in the pack


Unfortunately the vast majority of customer reviews say that this product does not taste like bacon