Gagster No.2 ASSence Prank Perfume

This is the prank gift of all prank gifts! One spray of ASSence Prank Perfume and the whole room will have to evacuate because of the rank stench.

The tongue in cheek humor of the packaging is a gift in itself with No.2 ASSence and Windy Mist on the bottle and box!

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Detailed information about Gagster No.2 ASSence Prank Perfume

While the bottle and the gift box look completely authentic (as long as they don’t read the label too closely) and the recipient of this gift will get a lot more than they bargained for. Perhaps instead of Eau de Toilette, it should read “Ew de Toilet”.

This stinky gag gift is absolutely guaranteed to smell like the real thing or Gagster will be happy to refund your money.

ASSence Prank Perfume comes in an attractive gift box that looks like the real thing. The bottle contains 4.8 ounces of one of the smelliest things on earth, which is more than enough to make this prank epic.

It will clear a room in seconds and will end a less than fun conversation immediately. No one will want to hang around the source of this stench, not anyone with a nose that is.


Perfect for pranking family, friends, and coworkers

Looks like an authentic perfume bottle, but one spray and the difference will be clear – and so will the room

Excellent product to exact revenge on that person who needs it most