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Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

If you’ve ever taken a long trip on an airplane, it is likely that you have struggled with the fifty-pound weight limit that most airlines set on checked baggage. It’s certainly enough trouble trying to get packed and figure out all the things that you are going to need for this grand journey abroad, but then you have to figure out how much your monstrous suitcase weighs. This is difficult to do when all you have is a bathroom scale. It won’t weigh by itself, and if you try to hold the suitcase while standing on the scale, you aren’t likely to be able to see the numbers displayed. If you do happen to be able to see the numbers, then you have to do the math and figure out how to calculate the weight of the suitcase versus your own bodyweight.

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All in all, the entire process is a hassle. With Etekcity’s Digital Hanging Luggage Scale, that hassle can go away. This innovative product makes weighing luggage as simple as picking it up off the ground. If you are on the lookout for a small, functional, and inexpensive gift for your jet-setting friend, you need to look no further than this. This pocket-sized device allows you to weigh your luggage instantly, and without a bathroom scale. Simply wrap the sturdy canvas strap around your luggage and lift, then look for the readout on the LED display.