Prank Pack Roto Wipe

Have you ever wondered if there was some other way to wrap presents rather than buy wrapping paper that will only be thrown away the minute the gift is opened?

Most people have a special someone with whom they can have a laugh and a joke. Don’t you ever wish you could give them a birthday or Christmas present to make them roar with laughter?

If you have ever thought about this, then you need to look no further. The prank pack from Prank-O is the ultimate in prank gift wrap.

The gag consists of an empty box that appears to contain a ridiculously stupid product from an unbelievably named company.

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Detailed information about Prank Pack Roto Wipe

The boxes appear so professional, you would think that they actually contained the silly products they portray.

The glossy cardboard, colorful printing, detailed product description, in fact, everything points to a real gift inside the box.

Make sure you give this gift when you are at the birthday party. The birthday boy or girl will unwrap the box and gasp at your terrible gift buying skills.

The Prank Box will certainly add another level to the fun and frolics that can be had at a birthday party.


Made from high quality printed cardboard

Has professionally designed images and printed instructions on the box

There are many different types of Prank Boxes that you can buy