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Prank Nap Sack

To some of us, life is all about fun and is not to be taken too seriously. We love to have fun, make people laugh and pull some hilarious, silly or even downright weird pranks with friends and family, much to the chagrin of others who are not into this type of stuff.

You may have been part of the audience, laughing with the jokester as they innocently tease the unsuspecting victim, but then one day, the tables turn.

You find yourself in the hands of the serial prankster as you slip into his trap and ultimately get pranked yourself. You thought you were too smart, too knowing to get sucked into such a simple piece of mischief.

Now all you can think about is how to get even; it also helps that this practical joker in your life is celebrating a special occasion soon, which gives you a chance to plan something comical and unexpected.

And because we are on your team, we are here to help you realize that goal. How – did you ask? The answer is pretty simple. And by pretty simple, we mean as simple as this Nap Sack Sleep Hood box by Prank Pack.

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Detailed information about Prank Nap Sack

Only with ridiculous product placement of an imaginary item that will surely tickle the mind of your recipient and others who are there to witness such a box.

This funny gift box features the “Nap Sack”, a handy make-believe item that will help you nap anywhere you like, as evidenced in the photos provided.

All of the sides of the box have absurd jokes and images that really make it seem real, making the prankster be the “prankee” in this situation (we totally made that word up).


Super funny gift box

Will amuse anyone who sees it