Shocktato Party Game – The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato

If it’s your first time camping with your friends or family, you will need to make sure that you pack enough games to keep everyone entertained. Any game that is kid-friendly and also fun for the adults will get a thumbs up from everyone and will be received with open arms.

And we might have just sourced for you the perfect fun game for your camping escapades. So, how about you gather yourselves around the campsite or bonfire and gear up for fun times with this hilarious and incredibly fun game of shocking potato.

As the name suggests, Shocktato is a party game shaped like a potato and emits electric shock to unsuspecting persons. The word shock should not worry you as it is harmless and safe.

However, the seller gives a warning that the toy should not be used on people who suffer from epilepsy, heart conditions, and any other related illness and pregnant women. If played with the right people, this would make an amazing family gift idea!

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Detailed information about Shocktato Party Game – The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato

The game is pretty simple and easy to play. It features 3 game modes, which include Extreme, Normal, and Lame. You only need to switch it on, choose your preferred game mode and then hit start.

The next step is to find an unsuspecting target, pass the potato and wait for their reaction and get ready to laugh your lungs out.

The trick is to select the game mode, hit the start button, and quickly pass the potato as fast as you can to avoid getting shocked.

The Extreme mode will beep to let the player know that the game is active, the Normal mode will play music to alert the player to pass the game around the circle. The Lame, which is for the weak at heart, does not shock, but it plays music instead.

If the Shocktato shocks you while holding it, you must leave the game, and the last player in the circle without getting shocked becomes the winner.


A shocking potato game that is fun to play

Easy to play and has different play modes

It has an auto shutoff feature


Not suitable for young kids (below 14 years)