The Moon Ring – It Farts When You Open it!

Have all the gag gifts that you have found been a little bit too weak for your liking? Do all the silly gags seem to be the same as when you were a kid and does everyone expect the gag to be exactly what it is? Do you yearn for a new prank gift to liven up birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and all the other gift-giving occasions that fill up the year?

This is perhaps one of the better gag gifts you could want to give to someone. “The Moon Ring” is exactly what you want to give to someone special.

It is a perfectly normal ring box, the type that jewelers use to mount really expensive rings. It is covered in white leatherette so you can see the quality straight away.

The recipient unties the beautiful ribbon and lifts the lid on the ring box expecting to find a lovely diamond engagement ring or an anniversary ring or something else for the special person in your life.

Unfortunately it does not contain a ring, in fact, it contains a model of small plastic man, bent over and exposing his butt for all to see. It is battery operated and as soon as light shines on the mooning man, his bottom blows off with a very realistic fart!

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Detailed information about The Moon Ring – It Farts When You Open it!

The Moon Ring gives off such a loud fart that it can be heard probably at about 10ft away. One big word of warning - make sure you only give this gag gift to someone who you know very well and understands what kind of a sense of humor you have.

This little gem is handmade in the USA and is a real work of art. It is guaranteed to break the ice at parties and gatherings.


Comes in a luxurious white leatherette ring box


Farts when the box is opened

Batteries will last for over a year and are fully changeable with standard sized batteries