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Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence (Does It Fart Series)

Ever wondered why people are so fascinated with farts yet, it’s the one bodily emission that has never earned a proper position in society. Coughs, sneeze, and hiccups are all acceptable and even burping in some situations, is totally excusable.

But a fart remains to be a taboo of some sort yet a great source fascination.

Essentially, it’s something that nearly every living creature does and perhaps a common ground that unites the living. Whichever the case, farts can be embarrassing, but they can also elicit laughter.

Farting, cutting cheese, breaking wind, flatulence, or whatever name you call it, it’s normal. However, people seem to want to know about this bodily function so much that Nick Caruso and Dan Rabaiotti came up with a book dedicated to farts titled Does It Fart?

For some reasons the public needs this information and Caruso and his co-author yielded to the demands

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Detailed information about Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence (Does It Fart Series)

The book came about after the Twitter hashtag #doesifart trended on the internet. The hashtag happened after zoologist Dani Rabaiotti’s brother asked her if snakes fart. She turned to Twitter for answers, and as usual, social media didn’t disappoint.

The hashtag #doesitfart trended and literally spread like a noxious gas. In the midst of all that, it caught the attention of a few experts who then began looking further into the subject.

They now wanted to know which animals fart, and if they do, how do they do it, how often and so much more about farts and animals!

So, for that one person in your circle of friends or family members who is always the first one to laugh when a person “accidentally” passes wind, here is a perfect unusual, animal lover gift.


A great book with hilarious facts about animal farts

Well illustrated

A great gift idea for kids, animal lovers and aspiring biologists

Available in different formats