Big Lebowski: The Dude Talking Figurine

Big Lebowski, the Coen bro’s classic is a lovable film that made lots of fans fall in love with it.

Spanning nearly half a century, it’s still hard to believe that a movie that initially received a mediocre reception at the box office is now the talk of the town and has somehow achieved intense cult status with its fans.

This is a story of mistaken identity that involves “The Dude” – Jeff Lebowski, a bowling and pot-smoking lover who gets entangled in a series of misadventures.

If you do have a fan of Big Lebowski in your life, then we might have just found the perfect gift idea for you.

And that gift is none other than their favorite character, The Dude figurine by Funko. This will, without a doubt, bring a smile on their face and some knowing looks.

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Detailed information about Big Lebowski: The Dude Talking Figurine

Funko is known for transforming the world's most loved largest characters into tiniest toys, and they are certainly making an impact on the pop-culture craze.

From the famous Chewbacca, Doctor Who, Joey Tribbiani, Bruce Wayne, to Hermione Granger and many more.

At Funko, there is something for everyone, and The Dude Pop in the likeness of Jeff Lebowski hasn’t been left behind in this amazing creativity.

The action figure, which is made of vinyl, is structured to resemble the actor, Jeff Lebowski-The Dude, wearing his signature sunglasses, his well-known sweater, sandals and casually holding a cup of coffee in hand.


Funko figurine in likeness of Jeff Lebowski

A great classic collectible

Comes in a display box

Made of vinyl