Gears Out You Smell Like Earthworms Mints

Gag gifts, quirky gifts, or whichever way you chose to see them, they are the fun of holidays. The sense of humor, the hilarious incidences that leave everyone sprawling with laughter, the practical leg pulling, and the jokes make life enjoyable.

Besides, gift giving doesn’t have to be that serious all the time. So take a break this holiday gift-giving season and spice your gift with something unexpected because laughter is priceless.

On that note, we can’t help feel there is someone in your gift list who should receive these Earthworm Mints by Gears Out. This will be the perfect way to lighten up the holiday mood and perhaps make that one serious person in your life loosen up a bit and join you in for a good laugh.

This might just be the funniest gag gift they will ever receive from you and will never forget it. And even though the peppermints look like real earthworms, they are actually real mints and will do an excellent job as breath fresheners.

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Detailed information about Gears Out You Smell Like Earthworms Mints

So go ahead and surprise anyone in your family with this affordable gift that comes in a box with a hilarious message that reads "Excuse me, you smell like earthworms."

Just be ready for the hilarious reaction after the recipient unwraps the gift. We can guarantee you that there will be lots of laughter, absurd reactions, and someone may just stop to sniff themselves, which will make the whole gift-giving situation more fun.


A crazy gag gift/ quirky gift/ stocking stuffer for friends and family members

Comes well packaged

The tin has a funny caption printed on top