3dRose – Funny MousePad

If you want to get someone a light-hearted gift that is both practical as well as silly, this is a very cute option. This adorable mouse pad from 3dRose is super funny. The mouse pad is a simple, classic mouse pad design in that it is a rounded square shape. It is a typical size for a mouse pad at 8 inches by 8 inches and is also a normal thickness at about a quarter of an inch thick. This makes it very useful and beneficial for anyone that regularly uses a computer mouse. The funny mouse pad features a silly picture of a sea otter sitting cross-legged with it’s hands rested on it’s knees in such a way to look similar to that classic “ohm position” that often represents things like relaxation, meditation, and yoga. The otter is also dressed in blue jeans and a green t-shirt to kind of add to the humor of the mouse pad.

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Detailed information about 3dRose – Funny MousePad

Right above the picture of the cross-legged sea otter, there is a short pun that will make almost anyone laugh. It says, “you otter relax”. This silly saying is fun and light-hearted. The mouse pad is also made of recycled heavy-duty rubber. This means that it isn’t just a practical and funny gift, but that it is also a green gift. In other words, it is a product that is beneficial to the environment since it uses recycled materials and it is not wasteful. As an added benefit, the mouse pad’s construction is durable and strong. It won’t fade or crack overtime as many inferior mouse pads may. It has a matte finish, which compliments the design nicely.