Potato Parcel – Your Image and/or Message on a Real Potato!

When you were a kid, you got away with giving your mom and dad stuff you found outside – twigs, coins, dead insects and the most famous one, rocks.

They receive it wholly and with enthusiasm thinking that they must be doing something right for you to be gracious enough to give them something even when there is no occasion. Fast forward to years later and you are now an adult.

Although many things about you have changed and in a sense, grew up, your funny gag gift giving ways have proven to be the same. If you are asking yourself why, well it is because you are reading our little tidbit about the Potato Pal.

The days of rock giving may be over, but the rise of potato giving is just starting for you. The Potato Pal is not an ordinary potato that you can buy from the grocery – well actually it is, but with an awesome twist.

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Detailed information about Potato Parcel – Your Image and/or Message on a Real Potato!

If you are feeling a bit more creative, you can also opt to put your face or even their celebrity crush on the potato for a more confused reaction, if that is what you are hoping for. So how do you actually go about having a face printed on a potato?

Simply upload a photo of the person in question and send it to Potato Parcel, add in the recipient’s shipping address and you are good to go!

You can also opt to have a message printed such as a birthday greeting or ask someone out to prom if that is more your style.


Funny and super unexpected

Interesting trivia is the Potato Pal was on popular show Shark Tank