Brew Candle 3-Pack (Hoppy IPA + Kentucky Bourbon + Vintage Merlot) – Hand Poured in USA

Want to impress a booze lover in your life with a unique boss gift? You don’t have to get them yet another a set of glasses or a bottle of their favorite drink this Christmas.

Instead, be a little bit creative and step your gift-giving game a notch higher with this pack of brew candles by Swag Brewery.

If the booze lover is going to enjoy a glass of their favorite poison, then they might as well do it a room filled with great scents from these artisan candles.

Don’t let the word brew scare you and make you think that these candles stink!

On the contrary, these smell great and are actually inspired by pleasing notes of the drinks they are named after.

The scents are spicy, fruity, roasty, fresh, or sweet, depending on the candle!

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Detailed information about Brew Candle 3-Pack (Hoppy IPA + Kentucky Bourbon + Vintage Merlot) – Hand Poured in USA

The candle set comes with three brew scented candles which include Hoppy IPA Beer Candle with juicy apricot scent; Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Candle with spicy, earthy, herbal scent and Vintage Merlot Wine Candle scented with a blend of Vanilla, brown sugar and blackberry scents.

These candles have amazing scents. Once you light one, you want the scent to linger on forever.

Moreover, they are unique and feature smooth edges which give them a sharp and rustic look.


Unique candles with fabulous scents

The jars look fantastic

The candles have a long burn time

The packaging is top-notch