Westminster Butt Face Soap

There are always clever little gag gifts on the market using some kind of naughty humor. This product from Westminster, “Butt Face Soap”, is definitely one of the better and funnier gag gifts, but one that is completely practical and really useful too.

It is a bar of good quality soap, with two colors, and not perfumed so it shouldn’t be a problem with allergen sufferers (allergy sufferers should always check with the manufacturer or the labeling before using unknown soaps). One face of the soap cake is white and has the word “Face” deeply engraved on it while the other face is colored brown and has the word “Butt” deeply engraved on it.

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Detailed information about Westminster Butt Face Soap

This is the perfect kind of soap that will appeal to anyone who likes to keep everything separate and in its place. Using a bar of this soap will make bath time so much fun for the little ones and they will have a giggle about it at the same time.

The two-sided soap bar will make it so easy for kids to use the correct side of the soap for the correct part of the body. Color coding never was as easy as it is with this gag soap. The soap bar measures approximately 4.5” long x 3.5” wide x 1” deep so it is small enough to fit inside a child's hand and not get dropped onto the floor of the shower stall.


This is a fun bar of soap designed to raise a laugh and keep clean at the same time

The two-tone soap is the perfect way to make sure those bacteria don’t get transferred to places they shouldn’t

This will definitely encourage the kids to keep clean.