HANZIM Flameless Candles | Battery Operated Candles

Candles are a beautiful addition to any home, but they do carry with them the risk of starting a fire! Keep things safe with these HANZIM flameless candles that are completely battery operated! Not only do these candles look like real candles, they are also safer and easier to use. No more fear of burning your finger to light a candle, or worrying you might forget to blow it out at the end of the night. Just use the convenient remote and off you go!

Specs: This candle set features 9 candles: One 9” pillar, one 8” pillar, one 7” pillar, two 6” pillars, two 5” pillars, and two 4” pillars. You also get two remote controls which will work to control all of the candles. Each candle should last about 150 hours from each set of batteries, and the remotes let you control whether they are on or off, how bright they are, and you can even set them on a timer!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for anyone who loves candles but cannot burn real candles – perhaps they live in a dorm or apartment that does not allow it, or maybe they have small children or pets that may accidentally touch the candles. These are a safer option that look exactly the same as any other candle. Even if someone can burn candles, these still make for a great gift because of how realistic they are and how convenient they are to use. Perfect for a housewarming gift!

What we like: We like that you get such a wide range of sizes of candles and it is nice that you get two remotes for operating them. We like the different modes of light, although we especially love the true candle mode that features a flickering light that really does mimic the look of a flame!

What we don’t like: These candles need batteries to work but this set does not come with batteries. Each candle needs 2 AA batteries so you will need a total of 18 batteries to run all 9 of these candles.

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9 candles (different sizes)

Last up to 150 hours before battery change

Flicker adjusted with remote control


Batteries not included