Lismore Connoisseur 7 Ounce Straight Sided Tumbler – Set of 4

If the gift calls for something stunning and elegant then these straight-sided tumblers from Lismore Connoisseur by Waterford might just be the perfect thing.

Whether as a wedding gift, housewarming, or maybe a little dazzle for personal use, these gorgeous whiskey glasses are perfect.

There is nothing quite so sumptuous as the feeling of sipping an exquisitely aged whiskey out of a gorgeous and perfectly weighted crystal glass.

The Lismore Connoisseur line of straight-sided tumblers from Waterford will more than hold their own when paired with the very finest bourbon, scotch or whiskey around.

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Detailed information about Lismore Connoisseur 7 Ounce Straight Sided Tumbler – Set of 4

The hand-feel of these glasses is in a league of its own, the perfect heft to add to the decadent aura surrounding the sampling of a truly great vintage that has been aged to perfection.

When such care and time has been taken to produce the perfect blend, it would be almost criminal to pour it into just any old glass. That is where the premier crystal from the Waterford Company comes in.

This set of crystal tumblers is a beautiful specimen of superior craftsmanship from this famous company.

Each one of these whiskey glasses holds 7 ounces and hails from the Waterford whiskey series from which there are other pieces available to match this pattern.


Beautiful set of four crystal glasses

Each glass holds 7 ounces

Genuine Waterford Crystal